obections in NETWoRK MARKETING

Network Marketing is a different way of working and still not seen as an alternative for the future. In theses videos and information we present differnent view from successful people in network marketing that help you overcome objections

This video form Valuetainment founder Patrick (network marketing company in the insurance industry) explains network marketing in the context of marketing in general. He outlines the comments that where presented in a commedy show in the US.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins talks about the personal fears that we have to overcome in order to succeed in life and in network marketing.


This is a short and easy cartoon that treats the normal objections that uninformed people throw at you.

women in mlm

Marina Worre outlines why 75% of the people in network marketing are women and what paradigms are still existing in society.: 

- women cannot built and lead a large organization

- Women cannot be successful in MLM


Women are leading network marketing and they will lead the industry in the near future. They will become the top earners