CONVICTION in NetwOrk Marketing

Network Marketing is not only direct selling. To built a successful organization you need people to follow and trust you.

tell your story

The American Football player Bo Eason tells his story on A-Fest from Mindvalley. At his example you can see how he is telling his story. If you are successful in network marketing you need to tell your story and help your team develop their own story. Story telling is a management skill that is taught in every industry in the market, your story and the management of your team (their story) is what makes network marketing exceptional

How can I be more Successful? Bob Proctor discusses the concept of paradigms in depth. "Have you ever wondered why you keep getting the same results over and over again? Have you ever asked yourself why individuals who have phenomenal education...are not doing very well, while others who maybe never saw the inside of a school, are earning millions of dollars and building giant organizations all over the world?.