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Gabriele Zillmer

It is my purpose and mission to experience Greatness within everyone by inspiring others to achieve a better quality life in living their full potential.

I have a passion to provide the way of others to achieve their health, wealth and time freedom.

I'm specialised in holistic health and medicine and I empower transformation through body - mind - connection.

Melissa Ziegert

Entrepreneur, mother, visionary, coach.. Melissa spent her life so far in 4 different countries. She loves communication, travel and meet new people from different countries and cultures

Sabrina & Daniel Tepasse

Our purpose and vision is to have a positive impact on many lives as possible. As a young couple, we like to explore new ways and we are grateful that we have found a way of helping people live healthier on a daily basis and get more quality of life such as time and financial freedom. That is why we share what we have with you here so that you have the right tools, inspiration and motivation to reach your finish line. Let us help you and together give back more to other people and with no doubt create a better planet.

Torben Ziegert

Like Melissa, Torben loves languages and discover new cultures. New ways and thoughts drive him every day and the past 20 years in 4 countries in marketing, management and sales. Torben loves sports and nutrition. We have the chance to rebuilt our boby every day.

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