PM-International – UNSTOPPABLE 2017

Financially sound to the core, family-run company with a worldwide distribution system

FitLine & BeautyLine

Health, beauty, wellness and sustained performance levels. Who does not want that? 

PM-International’s FitLine and BeautyLine products will help you to achieve these goals even at an advanced age.

The highly nutritious food supplements in the FitLine series include a unique Nutritional Transport Concept (NTC®). NTC brings nutrients to where they are needed exactly when they are needed, to cell level. With FitLine from the inside and BeautyLine from the outside.


With FitLine and BeautyLine you will feel and experience results on a daily basis that will thrill you.

fitline and sport

In both leisure and top sports nutrition, our FitLine series will help you to give a top-performance everyday. They do not just provide an optimum supply of nutrients, but also optimum safety.

Become Part of a big Family

 PM-International offers everyone an opportunity to generate an additional income as an independent distributor, whether they are a white or a blue-collar worker, doctor, civil servant, pensioner, student or housewife and regardless of their training, career or social status. You decide exclusively how much time and energy you want to invest in your new occupation. You are completely free and your own boss – something many can only dream of. 

Sabrina & Daniel Tepasse

Our purpose and vision is to have a positive impact on many lives as possible. As a young couple, we like to explore new ways and we are grateful that we found a way to help people live healthier on a daily basis and get more quality of life such as time and financial freedom. That is why we share our information with you here so that you have the right tools, inspiration and motivation to reach also your finish line. Let us help you and together as a team give back more to other people and thus, with no doubt, create a better planet.

charity -world vision

PM-International is also committed to making the world a better place beyond its day-to-day business.

In the course of long-term cooperation with the aid organization World Vision, PM has built up its number of active child sponsorships for children in need to over 1000, some now on every continent in the World.

“Everyone with PM is helping to make a better life possible for people on the other side of the world and it is great to see how everyone is pulling together, and what we have already achieved.“


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